Hot Yoga Benefits

Benefits to the Body, Mind & Soul

When metabolism is increased in a "hot" environment,
there is a positive impact on the body

Boost the

Sweat out
& detox!

Aids in weight loss, pelvis adjustment, swelling relief, better circulation and anti-aging.

98 of LAVA members feel the effect!

※From the survey with LAVA members (about 1,700 respondents)

6 Main Benefits of Practising Hot Yoga


Sweating during hot yoga enhances the detox effect which helps excrete water and toxins from the body. It also increases metabolism and creates a flexible, and fit body.


Hot yoga improves circulation and metabolism, creating a warm body. This prevents poor blood circulation that often results in cold limbs.


Cold temperature, lack of exercise and maintaining the same posture for long hours can cause swelling. Hot yoga improves circulation and lymph flow.


Hot yoga significantly reduces shoulder stiffness by improving the position of shoulder blades and enhancing blood circulation.


Constipation is mainly caused by stress. Hot yoga can help reduce constipation woes by relaxing the body.


Practicing yoga promotes anti-aging by enhancing lymph flow and water flow by excreting body toxins.

※Results vary in individuals

An Active Body Calms The Mind.

Let the Light, Smell and Sound Heighten your Yoga Experience

Enjoy our hot yoga classes with soothing original music composed by LAVA that boosts concentration and efficacy. We use chakra lightings in the studio. The colour changes according to the union of your asanas and the chakra healing techniques. The chakra colours reflect different frequencies of light and energy associated with each energy centre.

We also use modern underfloor heating systems, from Japan, called HINOKI FLOORING! This unique system warms our body from the inside thus improving our blood circulation - perfect for those with allergies and vein problems. Permeating a unique scent called phytoncide, this distinctive scent provides you a relaxing effect as it transports you to the calming forest, as this scent is mainly found in coniferous trees such as cypress and pine.