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Why LAVA Studio? Why LAVA Studio?

  • No.1 in Japan

    No.1 in Japan

    LAVA is the largest Hot Yoga Studio chain in Japan. We have about 300 studios, and have served more than 1 million customers to date!

  • Women-Only Environment

    Women Only Environment

    Being a women-only studio, we have created a beautiful and safe environment to practice yoga.

  • Original Soundtrack

    Original Soundtrack

    Enjoy our hot yoga classes with soothing music specially composed by LAVA that boosts concentration and efficacy.

  • Spacious and Clean Studio

    Spacious and Clean Studio

    We have a spacious and clean studio. Our special heaters emanate heat from the bottom of the walls, ensuring that the heat intensity is effective but manageable.

  • Professional Instructors

    Professional Instructors

    Our instructors are proficient and friendly. We take pride in providing our customers comfort and attention.

  • Effective Yoga Programs

    Effective Yoga Programs

    Hot yoga brings upon positive effects such as weight loss, pelvis adjustment, swelling relieve, circulation improvement and anti-aging.

For First-Timers TRIAL CLASS-$20 For First-Timers TRIAL CLASS-$20

Registration Fee Usual Price $150→$0 Registration Fee Usual Price $150→$0  Join on the day of your trial!
Become a member on the day of your trial class & registration fee will be free! Book your trial class now!

I was in charge of personnel training and studio management in LAVA Yoga Japan for 6 years.The opening of LAVA Yoga Singapore in 2015 was drawn from my experience in Japan and my wish to spread the hot yoga LAVA culture to Singaporeans. LAVA's classes are adjusted to the level and the needs of each of our students so it is suitable for anyone - even yoga beginners! Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions! Tomoko Fujita more

Benefits of Hot Yoga Benefits of Hot Yoga

Modern Lifestyle → LAVA Hot Yoga Program

In hot yoga, you take over 20 types of poses in a warm studio that enhances flexibility. There are 6 main benefits to practising hot yoga.

  • Effective weight loss

    Sweating during hot yoga enhances the detox effect which helps excrete water and toxin from the body. Also, yoga trains core muscles and corrects postures. It increases metabolism and creates a flexible and fit body at the same time.

  • I want to improve my blood circulation!

    Hot yoga improves circulation and metabolism, creating a warm body. This prevents poor blood circulation that can result in cold limbs.

  • Swelling relief

    Cold temperature, lack of exercise and maintaining the same posture for long hours at work can cause body swelling. Hot yoga helps improve circulation and lymph flow which reduces swelling.

  • Release shoulder tension

    Hot yoga significantly reduces shoulder stiffness by improving the position of shoulder blades and enhancing blood circulation.

  • Constipation relief

    Constipation is mainly caused by stress. Hot yoga can help reduce constipation woes by relaxing the body.

  • Anti-aging

    Practicing yoga promotes anti-aging by enhancing lymph flow and water flow in the system and excreting body toxins.


  • Reception


    Our reception has a feminine and natural atmosphere.

  • Studio


    Taking classes in our high temperature, spacious and clean room further raises the effectiveness of yoga.

  • Combination Locker & Shower Room

    Locker & Shower Room

    We provide a spacious powder room and combination locker room along with clean shower facilities.


Exercise Level Exercise Level

Beginner / Intermediate Level


    Intensity Intensity

    Feel the release of your soul and body through yoga combined with rich music.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that stimulates and works the muscles around the pelvic bone, that will enhance the body's metabolism leading to healthy weight-loss.


    HOT 26
    Intensity Intensity

    Practice yoga poses continuously accompanied by slow breathing and stimulating your pelvic floor muscles. This will enhance your natural feminine beauty from the inside.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that trains you in connecting with your breath as you flow through strong and dynamic sequences. It focuses on increasing muscle strength and toning, building up on endurance and stamina as well as flexibility.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that focuses on increasing the range of motion in and around your hip joints, as well as improving your alignment. It can help you to prevent injury, and feel more comfortable in your daily life.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that stretches your deep connective tissues to give you increased flexibility, joint mobility and centeredness.

Advanced Level


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that focuses on shaping the stomach by advancing the balance of the abdominal muscle and the back muscle.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that highly focuses on comprehensively detoxing the soul and the body through many yoga techniques.


    Intensity Intensity

    A class that you can feel the joy of moving while you harmonize with the music.

Students' VOICE Students' VOICE

  • A safe and comfortable environment to practice Yoga

    "I was worried about taking up yoga as I had no prior experience. However, the kind instructors at LAVA were very patient and made me feel very comfortable throughout my learning journey. I felt very safe practicising yoga here."

  • I succeeded in losing 2kg in 2 months!

    "Despite trying many diet methods I couldn't lose weight, but after I started yoga through my friend's recommendation I lost 2kg in 2 months! I feel that my stomach is getting flatter! I can sweat comfortably and my lower body is getting more fit, so I will continue in order to get closer to my ideal style!"

  • My daily condition has never been better since I have started yoga!

    "It has been a year since I started yoga at LAVA! I feel there were so many benefits! For example, my basal body temperature rose by 0.7℃, the aching of my right leg has improved after taking pelvis correction classes, and I don't feel tired no matter how long I work!"


Please note that these are based on personal opinions

Price Plans

Trial Plan(First Timers Only)

One-Time Trial Class * $20
Subsequent Drop In Class $40

※Trial class is only available for first timers

Administrative Fees

Registration Fee $150
Waived if you become a member on the day of your trial!

Membership Fee

Duration Membership Fee
12 months* $1776 ($148/month)
6 months* $1188 ($198/month)
3 months $684 ($228/month)
Price per class if you attend
3 times a week
Price per class if you attend
2 times a week
$12 $18
$16 $25
$19 $28

• *0% interest instalment plan available in-store exclusively for DBS & POSB (MASTERCARD & VISA) credit card holders.
• Option to pay by Cash, AMEX and NETS in-store for one-time payment in full amount.
• All prices are inclusive of GST.
• Membership validity will be activated upon payment.

Instructions for Trial Class

Instructions for Trial Class Instructions for Trial Class

What to bring to class

Trial Class
Sports wear (T-shirt, leggings, etc.), and a bottle of water.
※We have free rental for bath towels and yoga mats.


Can I eat before and after class?
We recommend having meals 2 hours before class and 1 hour after class.
Do you have a powder room or locker rooms?
We provide both. There are hairdryers at the powder room.


Location LAVA Yoga Singapore
112 Katong Mall, 112 East Coast Road, #02-19/20, Singapore 428802
Tel (65) 6636 1562
Email info@lava-yoga-global.com
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am - 10pm
Weekends: 9am - 6pm
Parking Available in the mall
By Taxi 15 minutes by taxi from Orchard
By Bus 10, 16, 31, 32 from Dakota MRT
43, 134, 135 from Paya Lebar MRT

Find us

  • 112 Katong

    We are located at 112 Katong.

  • 112 Katong Level 2

    Take the escalator or lift up to the second floor. You can find us beside the UOB atm.

  • studio

    Welcome to LAVA Yoga Singapore and enjoy your yoga experience!

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