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Lava Yoga is the leading hot yoga brand with more than 400 studios in Japan. We have made over 700,000 women happier and healthier. Our membership numbers are continuously rising and we hope to see you in our studios!

Our philosophy is simple:

Make as many people happy as we can through yoga

Lava Yoga wants to make hot yoga part of your Life. Let us help you attain happiness, health and fulfillment of your holistic goals through our “Love for People” philosophy.

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Unification of Music & Hot Yoga
Get energized with our unique hot yoga programs accompanied by original music!
The music has been specially crafted and composed to perfectly suit each lesson. It acts as a guide for a natural flow and better efficacy as you execute the various poses. The music also encourages relaxation and aids concentration as you head into deep breathing and stretching.

Lava Yoga specializes in Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga is known to encourage and increase the amount of perspiration of the body. This allows the removal of toxins while accelerating your body’s metabolism, which can result in healthy weight loss. Our unique and specially designed programs with accompanying original music are easy to follow for all levels even for beginners. Let us help you achieve a healthier body and mind.


With 10 years of experience in operating yoga studios, Lave Yoga currently has 700,000 members onboard and the numbers are increasing!

A survey conducted showed that at least 98% of participants have experienced at least one of the benefits of Hot Yoga!
- Questionnaire result
Have you felt any of these benefits from doing hot yoga?
98% of respondents said "Yes!" to at least one;
- What our Hot Yoga LAVA members are saying
Weight loss! Improved fitness!

I have lost 6kg doing Hot Yoga LAVA classes 1-2 times a week!
Additionally, I was able to reduce stiffness in my shoulders and headaches from sitting at a desk all day.
Now, LAVA has become a necessary part of my life to also maintain a healthy mind.
I was surprised by all the benefits of hot yoga!
I want to continue to go to LAVA to improve my natural health and beauty.
(Company worker in her 20s)

Refresh and Relaxation, and Positive Mind Change!

After 1 year of going to Lava Yoga 3 times a week, I feel:
・ My body is relaxed and not stiff even after a long work day.
・ I feel refreshed after sweating a lot
・ I have achieved mental balance and positive outlook trough meditation
Finally I have learned to stop limiting myself because of my age
(Company worker in her 50s)


Hot Yoga is "ultimate anti-aging product" for me.
I want to be a woman with natural beauty and good posture, because it's better than wearing expensive clothes.
I am going to Lava Yoga to invest in my future, and to refresh my body and mind!
(Housewife in her 40s)

Improved Posture!

I used to go to massage places often for relief of muscle stiffness from work-related stress.
But then my sister recommended hot yoga, and I have been going to Lava Yoga for 1 year.
My posture has improved in spite of having unbalanced legs, and I no longer feel stiff!
I have also learned the joy of treating myself.
(Company worker in her 30s)



Services We Offer
Lava Yoga offers a caring, friendly and conducive environment. Our instructors provide personalized attention to ensure the benefits and results of our programs can be realized by all, regardless of your level and capabilities.

We have a variety of membership plans to suit your schedule, needs and goals.

Here at Lava Yoga, we aim to make hot yoga part of your Life.