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At Lava Yoga Singapore, all our classes are suitable for beginners, follow at your own pace and take the suitable options given.

Connect your mind with your body and increase your self-awareness with our different programs. Our classes appeal to the five senses through the unification of Music & Yoga in a heated room.

Look out for our classes conducted in Japanese by Kanako. These classes are indicated with a "JP" in the class title in our booking schedule.

* Lava Yoga signature class with specially composed music by our Master Trainers from Japan.

1. LAVA FLOW 1* (EN)

This signature beginner program is sequenced by Eiko Ichikawa, one of our most renowned Master Trainers in Japan. With original composed music to synchronize body movement with the breath, Lava Flow 1 promises a slow-paced Vinyasa to deepen each asana. Each class is introduced with pranayama and meditation methods to increase mindfulness and focus. This program aims to improve muscle strength, endurance level and stamina.

This is a mixed level class and highly recommended for beginners.

Program Level:

2. LAVA FLOW 2* (EN)

Focusing on the power of breath to guide the transition between each asana, Lava Flow 2 relaxes both body and mind through moving meditation. Increase your self-awareness and challenge yourself to maintain conscious breathing as we flow through dynamic sequences until Savasana.

This is a mixed level class and is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Program Level:


Core strength is important in our daily tasks and more importantly, our overall well-being. A strong stable core aids to protect our spine, prevents potential back injuries and improving postures. This sequence is tailored to strengthen and create the right balance between the major and minor core muscles from our shoulders to our pelvic floor.

This program is suitable for all levels, soon you will say goodbye to back issues with a healthier body and stronger core!

Program Level:


The aging process is part of our lives. While the fountain of youth may just still be a fable, we have created a program that may help slow down the effects of aging. Our Anti-Aging program is designed to activate the female hormones and enhance your natural feminine beauty from the inside.

Focusing on continuous yoga poses accompanied by slow breathing and stimulation of your pelvic floor muscles, which is deeply connected to hormonal secretion. This program also improves posture and overall well-being. Incorporate this program’s movements into your daily lives and bring out the natural beauty in you!

Program Level:


Detoxification begins with the 3 main systems of the body that play a crucial role in the elimination of waste – circulatory, digestive and lymphatic. This class focuses on systematically stretching and compressing every part of the body, which facilitates the removal of waste products and assists the body to perform its natural function to detox.

This class will also emphasize on the yogic breathing methods to further assist detoxification and aids in mental detox. These methods help to purge toxic thoughts and chaos of the mind, bringing clarity of thoughts and peace to the mind. Cleanse your body, clear your mind.

Program Level:


Revitalize yourself as this program challenges you to maintain calmness in our bodymind. Connect with your breath as you flow through strong and dynamic sequences. Heighten your practice as we focus on increasing muscle strength & toning, building up on endurance & stamina as well as flexibility.

This is a mixed-level class.

Program Level:


There are many factors that can hinder weight loss. One of them is an unbalanced pelvis.

We have tailored a program that improves this condition by stimulating and working the muscles around the pelvis and shoulder blades; muscles that are generally under utilized as we go about our daily lives.

By working and stimulating the muscles around the pelvic bone, it will enhance the body’s metabolism leading to healthy weight-loss.

Program Level:


Breathing Alignment is based on Hatha yoga style, focusing on Ujjayi Breath while you learn to correct your alignment. A good class for beginners to learn how to move with the breath.

Yoga is not only about the perfection of your pose, most important thing is breathing. When you breathe deeply you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Deep breathing allows you to energize your body.

How often do you find yourself losing balance and focus? Perhaps it is because you forget to breathe. So always remember when moving with the breath, you can bring positivity to your mind.

Program Level:


A powerful, playful, and energetic flowing class. With fast-flowing sequences that synchronise with every breath, this class allows students to be challenged at the same time.

Power Flow will burn your calories, tone, strengthen and cleanse your body, clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

The poses will challenge you to step up to your edge and unlock your hidden potential for achieving authentic personal power.

Discover your true self in this class!

Program Level:


Many traditional cultures revere the moon as a manifestation of the divine feminine force in nature. Practicing Chandra Namaskar, a series of 16 poses, during a full moon initiates a very powerful practice, as lunar energy can be absorbed for empowerment and intuitive energy.

This yoga class will include pranayama, meditation, chanting and satsang.

Program Level:


The physical goal of this class is to increase the range of motion in and around your hip joints as well as improving your alignment.

Great for those who sit all day or as a complement to sports, such as running and cycling. This class can help you to prevent injury, even boost your performance and make you feel more comfortable in your daily life. In yoga, hip openers often correspond to emotional release and help move prana around the hips. The hips are said to store strong emotions of anxiety, sadness, depression, and negative feelings.

So sway into this class and say goodbye to tight hips and old emotional baggage weighing you down. Happy Hips, Happy Life.

Program Level:


Lava Stretch focuses on relaxing the body in resting postures.

It is a gentle and relaxing class, allowing the body to fully relax by holding basic postures passively for extended periods of time. It is a soothing and nurturing practice that promotes effects of conscious relaxation and relieving tension and stress.

Explore the power of surrendering and letting go in this Lava Stretch class.

Program Level:


Long hours spent on our computers and carrying heavy items can result in shoulder strain, stiff neck, aching shoulders, and sore lower back. Shoulder therapy helps to relieve tension from the shoulders and neck while working on your hip joints.

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and hips by increasing the motion range in the neck and shoulder.

Program Level:


LAVA Burn, an asana HIIT training for maximum strength training combined with yoga asanas! Incorporating dumbbells in this hot yoga class further challenges your body and mind! LAVA Burn targets to build body strength, train your endurance, tone the muscles and burn more calories. Infuse your hot yoga practice with energy, stability and balance by combining asanas with intensity interval training.

Get ready to burn more calories and reach your ideal weight loss with LAVA Burn. Sweat, sweat, sweat!!!

Program Level:


This dynamic practice focuses on synchronising body movements with the breath in a natural way of practice as of how yoga should be. Some postures have been modified to build strength and flexibility, encouraging the body and mind to find some inner peace. This dynamic practice focuses on moving the body along with breaths to feel the connection to nature.

Our original soundtrack will guide you into a deeper physical and emotional connection, and the lighting colours stimulate the Chakras (energy centres) to help purify the energy system.

Program Level:


This class focuses on calorie burning for a fitter, more functional and well-balanced body. This class starts with a few yoga postures as a warm-up followed by some abdominal exercises to strengthen your core and moving on to some boxing exercises to work the whole body.

An exclusive, unique blend of yoga, cardio and boxing to music that will pump some fun and excitement into your session as you burn the calories away.

Program Level: