Register account on "LAVA" web, for lesson reservation, kindly confirm and accept as below; Please read through the following [terms of facility usage],[agreement], [before register] Only if you agree, key in a valid email address(PC use), please press [agree and submit] button; We will send you a "guidance for information key in page" to the email which you input

Agree 4 articles as the following

1.Handling of personal information

 The purpose of collecting your personal information is described to the facilities agreement usage only.

  Your personal information is provides by own intention.

2.Facility usage agreement

 Please confirmed your are agree with the [ facility usage agreemant] and etc; before use.

3.Use of studio

 Lesson is all under customer self-responsibility,please do not force yourself.

For whom with poor body condition or experience serious sickness or taking medication, please consult with your doctor before you take the lesson.

In any case of happening caused, our studio staff and yoga instructor do not assume any responsibility.

4.Admission of age below 18 years old

 Age below 18, need guardian agreement letter for admission

 ※Some of the plan are not available for age under 16

≪Before registration≫

Please read through "Notification of handling or personal information" & "Notes of website usage" before you input your information.

Also, all information is provided with your agrees

All personal information transmitted on the internet is protected and enciphered by SSL.

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